Weird/random/things I love/facts about me~
Weird/random/things I love/facts about me~ funny stories
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rowan0530 I'll live for me and die for you~
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Things about meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Weird/random/things I love/facts about me~

#1 I like getting my teeth cleaned at the dentist. I'm weird, I get it ;-;

#2 I love the first day of school because I get to see my friends and there's new students~

#3 I don't like eating in front of people so at school.. I'm popular so a lot of people sit by me so I don't usually eat at lunch OwO

#4 I've been writing song lyrics since I was like... 11 or 10 but I only started writing poems 3 months ago (when I joined Commaful)

#5 When I was young I used to eat candles OwO Oh and I also used to eat paper OwO Key word- USED I don't anymore ;-l

#6 I have an obsession with superman ;-;

Things I love- Food (Vegan) 1. Mexican food 2. Thai food 3. Gum 4. Potatos (Cooked all ways) 5. Salad 6. Mangos 7. Berries (Strawberry, cherry, raspberry, blue berry, and black berry) 8. Almonds, cashews, walnuts, and peanuts 9. Hard candies

Things I dislike Food (Vegan) 1. Brussels sprouts 2. Oatmeal 3. Peanut butter 4. Banana's 5. Salt 6. Butter Note- I still eat these I just don't like them that much~

Things I like (Hobbies) 1. Drawing 2. Reading 3. Singing and dancing 4. Listening to music 5. Running 6. Volleyball 7. Playing with my cats 8. Eating 9. Sleeping 10. Snuggling with litterly anything 11. Making people happy 12. Cooking

Things I dislike to do 1.Be bored 2. Clean 3. Not talk 4. Be unhappy or sad 5. Talk to people I don't like 6. Be patient/ wait 7. Be at home 8. Be mean

My mom's a stay at home mom (she doesn't have a job) My dad works at a machine shop~ My brother is a 10 year old boy My sister (@animevampire05) is a 15 year old girl I'm a 13 year old girl ;-;

Fav movie- The New Mutants Fav show- Haikyuu Fav food- Mexican food Fav color- Teal or aqua Fav animal- Wolf or cat Fav book- Nightfall Fav song- Fav fruit- Mango or cherry Fav sweet- Cookie Fav candy- Hard candies (suckers) Fav vegetable- Pickels or avocados Fav season- Spring or summer

Fav drawing utensil- Pencil Fav app- Commaful duh Fav outside activity- Swimming Fav musical- Les' miserables Fav actor- Henry Cavil Fav actress- Milley Bobby Brown Fav male singer- Eminem Fav female singer- Billie Eilish Fav emotion- Happy Fav flower- Daisy

Random things- I have a bow and arrow that I got for my birthday and I'm still learning how to use it. I'm learning how to play volleyball and the piano. My brother is being annoying.

I'm craving Thai food rn. I'm tired and school is horrible. There's a whole tub of dubble bubble calling my name from across the room. My brother is killing me.

Someone asked me why I always do a peace sign in m pictures I take... idek the answer to that, ig there's nothing else for me to do because I don't want to smile XD The Louisiana Purchase is taking all my energy~

I'm cold... My best friend is a lemon~ Ok I'll stop being weird and end this~ Idek what this post is but have and amazing day~


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