Update and some things to say~
Update and some things to say~ important kinda stories

rowan0530 Looking for something I wont find~
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WOW!Plz readdddddddddddd

Update and some things to say~

First of all before I say anything I want to explain a few things~

#1 I'm vegan, it's my lifestyle and my sis (@animevampire05) We chose this so please just... it's not nasty and it doesn't even involve you so just... don't hate on us for what we eat... that's like hating someone for the color of there skin... makes no sense~

#2 I have changed my profile as you guys can see. For all of you who don't know Sic Parvis Magna means "Greatness from small beginnings" And it's from a video game called Uncharted~

#3 I love you all and if anything is wrong I'm always here for you, you guys always help me and I would like to help you. So don't be afraid to text me anytime~ You're all amazing, never forget that~

#3 I hit 700 followers 5 days ago.... today I come on and .....

805???!!!!!! O_O I climbed 105 in 5 days?????? FIVE??!!!!!!!!!

I love you all so much like.... so much.... <33333333333333


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