Broken love
Broken love  rap stories

rowan0530 Hold up my balloons and cover up my face
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Rap song I made~

Broken love

My heart was your goal you said I won it though. I never thought it would be like this. Cause the problem is, I gave you my all and you made me fall, but all I get back is nothing.

You said we had something, what a lie, now I'm leaving, goodbye. Or a bad bye I don't know I'm the one who has to cry. You made me feel unwanted and you said you were mine.

I trusted you with my life and now you threw it away, I'm left here feeling like nothing but a disgrace. You won the race, got first place, you left me behind in the dust, now there's no us.

I knew it was falling apart, you didn't care not even from the start. Wanted me for no reason when I gave you everything this must be treason.

I am not longer falling, I'm no longer longing, gave you space you wanted more, time for me to walk out the door.

That's still not enough? Please tell me you're joking, tell me you're playing a prank, tell me my ears are open, did you even think?

I tried to do the best I could, you kept me locked under a hood. Made me wonder what is, made me rethink my choices. Tried to be the greatest, don't even tell me the latest.

Never know how you feel, this is so surreal. Some movie stuff come to life, so I'm going to leave tonight. Letting go of you, because you've already shone me what is true, I saw right through.

That mask you tried so desperately to hid, I'm taking the rest of my pride. Never going to look back because you gave me crap when you were talking smack.

This really hurts, dug a hole and watched me burn, watched me plead, even when I gave you everything.

Gave you my all, you just put up a wall, so hard but yet you told me that 4 letter word added the I to make me feel good inside, you lied, right to my face, you got me questioning space.

What a waste, gave you my time, you made me cry, how is this fair? Hyperventilating on air, you never cared. Leaving you, please don't cry, because I did that every night.


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