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rowan0530 I'll live for me and die for you~
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A conversation of compliment in rhyming form with @malcolm_pace

Think positive

Collab with @malcolm_pace He wrote the slides with the red backgrounds and I wrote the ones with the aqua ones~ (Compliments back and forth in rhyme form to make a poem)

You make me happy, smiles and laughs, thanks so much on my behalf!

You always make me smile even when I'm really sad.

Having a best friend just like you, makes me so lucky and it's true.

You help me so that I can clearly see.

You're the person that everyone needs.

You can make me feel better just by putting together letters.

You make me feel so special, told me I was to gentle.

You're so kind you can always change my mind.

Talking to you is never a waste of time, though my tongue is always in a bind.

When I'm about to cross that line, you can always make things fine.

Sometimes I'm blind but when I talk to you I always get it aligned.

Every day what makes me feel better is always just something you say.

You make me feel brave, in every possible way.

You help me to feel wanted, when I keep getting taunted.

No longer getting haunted by these bad memories, and you helped me see clearly.

You can make me do things merrily because of your sincerity.

Used to walk around wearily, you changed that verily.

I used to sit there crying but now that I know you I feel like I'm flying.

I may still be denying but I'm trying to believe you.

When I first met you, I had no clue that your were going to be so great.

Didn't know you were so nice, realized it as soon as I talked to you.

I didn't think I could feel good, but you showed me that I really could.

Thanks for trusting me cause I understood you, I had a feeling you would.

When I felt like I was gonna cry, you told me the world was good and showed me why.

Thanks for reading guys~ Positive vibes~ Also go check out @malcolm_pace he's a talented writer~

~@malcolm_pace ~Rowan

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