Talk show number 3 with @inkdragon
Talk show number 3 with @inkdragon funny stories

rowan0530 Can't commit to anything but a crime~
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Talk show #3

Talk show number 3 with @inkdragon

Welcome @indragon!


LOL Happy New Years eve to you to, someone sure is hyper XD


I kinda am~

Oh, well, I'll keep it down then

It's ok, I'm super happy rn

That's good! I am too

Yay happy vibes~

Always happy vibes~~

Yes UwU

So, I see we's is both in happy, poetry moods Maybe we should make a short poem together for the show~




Friends are the family we can choose

OMG I just thought of Lego Batman when you said that XD

That'z what I was going for!!


So glad you got that!!! YES!!!!!!

OMG~ WOWSA~ We should make our poem now~


I get to choose who I hold close. Weather that be you or him or her or them I get to pick. Friends work this way I love them each and every day. They're always there for me, when I'm feeling lonely. Having so many doubts they make them go away. Friends are here to stay a thing family cannot replace.

When I'm down or up, I always know, that I have a person that will show, me kindest and warmth, that others cannot. In all this world, without friends I'd be distraught. Friends are there when you have the blues. To quote Lego Batman, they are the family you can choose.

Friends are something I cannot live without, talk to them meanly you tear me down. They make me laugh and smile things I haven't done in awhile. Friends are all I need they are like family.

When I'm down with no one around, I see their face through the crowd. They cheer me up in ways I can't. They sit and listen to my foolish rant. I love them dearly. My friends feel way too much like family.

My friends are kind, caring, and sweet everything I wish to be. They deserve the world, I will try to give, they deserve anything they want. They make me laugh and they are so nice, people like this are hard to find. I'll hold them close and never let go because these friends are the best I know.

Some friends come and go, but that is when you know. They aren't real friends, they might never have been. But in the end, you'll find your true friends.

What a beautiful wrap :)

You did exceptionally well.

Lol thanks

What a way to kick off New Years Eve!


That was so much fun~~~

So, should we do something else or is this getting a little long?

Something else~


Lol, what about?

Hm...... New year resoulutions?

Sure~ What are yours?

Mine is to try to finish a "season" of a show I'm writing. Just the scripts. Also to try to write more poetry. And to get peoples into my tiny fandoms!

Nice UwU

How about you?

Well being a better human is always on my list. Giving my cats more attention. Working on my singing and lyric writing. Getting better grades in school. Working on how to play the piano and volleyball. Sleeping earlier..... XD and yeah :)

Cool! I bet you're a great singer

Welp I have recordings on here... I suck.... XD

Well, I suck at volleyball XD

I'm okay but I want to get better so I can play on the schools team. Be like Shoyo from Hakiyuu, or Kenma.

Nice! I'm not athletic at all. Got hit in the stomach with a frisbee in P.E. once. And no, not really

I'm athletic, I run and do track XD

I've been told I could do track....

I got those long legs XD I jump hurdles!

Yeah, I walk fast at normal speed.

Lol same

So! Got any new year traditions?

Well we usually watch the ball drop...

Us too

We usually watch movies and eat junk food until it's time for the ball to drop

Yeah same, last year we watched The Labyrinth UwU

This year we're watching Soul

That movie looks good~

Yeah, and kinda funny~


We usually watch two, so idk what the second one is yet.....

LOL I don't even know the first one XD

Thinking of food is making me hungry🍕🍕🍕🍕


We need snacks~


And sleep~

Yes~ Should we wrap it up?


Ok thanks for joining me, have good New Years~

You too!!!!!!!

THX! Bye~

Happy New Years Eve guys! Have an amazing night/day ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Brought to you by sleep deprived peeps!

~@inkdragon ~Rowan

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