Question-Question/ Issue 1!
Question-Question/ Issue 1! interview stories
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rowan0530 I'll live for me and die for you~
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First interview on Question-Question!!!

Question-Question/ Issue 1!

Hello, hello, hello everyone!!! I'm so excited to begin this interview! My name is Rowan McCluskey and the first person on Question-Question is....... (Drumroll plz)


Hello @dark_to_light! I'm so glad you came!! Can you tell me your name so it makes it easier to refer to you by.... (Of course I already know his name guys XD)

My name is Zack XD

LOL, thanks for joining me here today. The rules are simple Zack, I will ask you a question and you will answer it and then you will ask me one and I will answer it. Sound okay???

Yep Rowan, sounds great.

Ok so let's begin shall we? What is your favorite color, and why?

Ummm is black a color?

LOL not really it's a shade but I will count it XD

Black is my favorite cause I'm depressed....

Oh... I'm so sry.... I hope I can help you with that.

You already have, a lot.

Awww rly? Thanks.

Okay lets use my big brain lol! Okay so whats your favorite thing to do on the weekend?

My favorite thing to do on the weekend is... 1. Commaful (Make posts and talk to friends) 2. Sleep 3. Sing/dance 4. Watch T.V

Nice answers.

Lol, thanks. What is your favorite outdoor activity?


Oohhhhh nice!

Lol, what's your Favorite food?

Well, since I'm vegan I would say guacamole :9

Is that the avocado stuff?

LOL!!!! Yes, it is a mix of crushed avocado's, onions, tomatoes, and lime juice. It is a Mexican dish and usually dipped with tortilla chips :9 I'm surprised u didn't know what it was XD

Well I kinda did.

Lol true! If you could be anywhere in the world right now where would you go?

My bed.

Lol okay XD

You live in the country right?

Yes, I do.

Okay, would you rather live in the city or in the country?

City by a longgggg shot!

Why's that?

I've always wanted to live in the city. It's fast passed and it is hectic. I cant stand having a slow life it's boring in my opinion. I want to be able to socialize anytime and any where and hang out at all different kinds of stores with friends. City life sounds cool.

City life is cool. I have pent house in the city. Then a mansion in the suburbs. Then beach houses and other stuff.

Trying to make me jealous, I see you Zack XD

I'm not.

Lol I know XDDDDD Would you rather live in the hottest place, or the coldest?



Because I love wearing hoodies and because I love wearing hoodies XD

Lol, makes sense XD

Yep lol. Would you rather help every homeless person or every animal.

Every animal.

Okay then I'll help every human.

Okay. What's your favorite food and why?

Ummm well a salad because I'm a healthy person I'm very fit.

LOL, nice. I thought it was watermelon???

A salad is better and yes WATERMELON IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!

Lol, someone loves watermelon, it is really tasty though :9

Lol, Would you rather have a pet dragon or tiger? I have a tiger, hehe.

Well I'm obsessed with cats, so I would say tiger.

XD you would love my tiger!

Lol, I bet. Would u rather have a unicorn or a dragon?

Careful Zack my sis just got gateway time out....

Oof Ummmmmm probably a unicorn. They just seem cool.

Would you rather meet XXXTentacion or Juice Wrld?

Juice Wrld, I love his songs. May they both rest in peace though.


Okay last question. What career do you want?

I mean, I'm rich but I would still help, because I help people in need. It brings joy to my face when someone is being helped.

Awww that's so kind. Helping people is the best. Is there anything you wanna say to anyone on Commaful before we sign off?

Ummm Don't do drugs and it does not matter about the likes or follows it matters about the fun you have on Commaful.

Very wise! Listen to this guy, guys! Thanks for being on Question-Question it was a pleasure being here with you!

Thanks for having me Rowan!


Comment or DM me (Direct message) if you want to be interviewed!! Anyone and everyone is welcome!!

This is Rowan McCluskey signing off! Don't forget to tune into my next interview, thanks for watching. Always remember to be safe and wear masks. Have a good day/night/afternoon!!!!

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