Question-Question #4
Question-Question #4 interview #4!! stories

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Interview #4!!!!!!

Question-Question #4

Wow I'm back so soon! I have so many people to do and I don't want people getting impatient, lol. So now we have a very close friend of mine joining us today... it's (Drum roll plz....)


Welcome to Question-Question @emilystewart25!!!

Thx for welcoming me

Np, is it alright if I call you Emily?


Ok Emily I'll go first. Fav actress or Actor?

Hmm has to be Tom Holland

Nice choose!!!!!!

Thx girl So whats you fav color

Aqua! Or any shade of blue :)

Ooooo that's is such a pretty color mine has to be gold

Thx :P And nice! Fav flower?

Mmmmmmm probably a rose

Those are so pretty!

Whats your fav hobby?

Lol my fav hobby is prolly singing or dancing

Ooo I love that

Lol thx

Np girl

Fav sweet treat?

Mmm maybe donuts Who do you love the most?

Prolly...... ice cream (Vegan of course) or cookies I love just regualr vegan choclate chip cookies :9

Aww that's so nice

Lol U said , "who", I thought u asked what mine was LOL!!!

Lol yeah, who you love the most?



I don't have a specific person but I love my fam and my cats and my friends a ton!!

Awwww that's so sweet

Yes I would do anything for them :3

Awwwwwwwww that's so freaking cute girl!

Lol thx! Fav holiday?

Christmas has to be, I love it!

LOL nice!!

Yeah, fav food?

My fav food is any vegan mexican dish especially guacamole!!

Hmm never heard of it

Lol u need to try it, its' so good!!

Ok I'll try it girl

It's a mix of onions, tomatos, avacodos, and lime juice!! So good!! Ok fav season?

Um, I love summer because I get to go to the beach and take hot pics but I love fall more.


Soo what's your fav singer?

Eminem will always be my fav, he inspired me to write music and for that I owe him a huge debt! He is my fav!

Awwwww that's so nice girl! Never heard of him, I'll go listen to him

He's a rapper and he's rly good! Ok last ques, fav store!

Mmmmm, is Amazon a store?

LOL sure!!!!

Then its amazon

Thx for being on the show with me! It was a lot of fun!

Same girl and np I'll be on here any time!

Nice!!! Byeee have a good night/day/afternoon!!

You to girl

Ok guys! That wraps up the interview with Emily!! DM (Direct message) me or comment below if you want to be interviewed!!! Have an awesome day/night/afternoon, don't forget to follow @emilystewart25!!!!!!!

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