Question-Question #3
Question-Question #3 interview #3!!! stories

rowan0530 Maybe it's a cruel joke on me, whatever~
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Interview #3!!!

Question-Question #3

Welcome back to Question-Question!!! It's me again (Rowan McCluskey) if you haven't checked out my other interviews I encourage you to and if you want to be interviewed DM me (Direct message) or post in comments that you want to! I have a big list forming so I won't be able to do you today or even tomorrow but I will interview you! Just let me know and your name will be on the list!!!!!

Today we have a very special person joining us... there posts are amazing... it's the's the only (Dramatic music!!)


Welcome to my show @mizukiashni_16!!!!!!!!! Is there anything you want me to call you on here to make it easier to call you by?

You can call me Mizu lol.

Ok let's begin Mizu!! What are 2 places on your bucket list?

Hmmm going to Switzerland and being a veterinarian.

WOW!!!! That's so cool! Helping animals is the best!!!

I know lol

*Me over here being a vegan and a animal activist* Ok ur turn XD

XDDDD Okie so- what's your favorite food?

Guacamole!!! Or any vegan Mexican dish :9


Fav candy?

Hershey's lol

Nice!!! Ur turn!

Oke, what places have you gone to?

Okay so I live in Michigan (USA) rn. I've been to Missouri, Ohio, Florida, and I lived in Louisiana for a year and a half!

;-; me who hasn't gone to any of those places:👁️💧👄💧👁️

Oof sry :PP Fav store?


Ooooo nice!

Lol :) Fav color?

Aqua or any shades of blue!!!


Fav type of bird?

Hmmm cardinals

Oooo a lot of them live around my house! I see them all the time!

Ooo nice I've only seen one in my life-

Oh.....come live with me XD

XDDDDDD Okie, fav pet?

I have 8 adorable kitty's that I wouldn't give up for the world! :3

Well that's the end of the interview guys!!! Thx for watching make sure to follow @mizukiashni_16!!!!! Thanks for joining me, Rowan McCluskey signing off :PPPP (Have a awesome day/night/afternoon!!)

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