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Q&A answers~

Hey! It's your girl Rowan, here with the answers to my Q&A! Lets get started!

@theecollin Q- What's your fav song? A- Rap god- Eminem

@theecollin Q- Fav color? A- Aqua

@theecollin Q- Fav genre of music? A- Rap!

@theecollin Q- Fav genre of literature? A- Romance ❤

@theecollin Q- How do you get your inspiration? A- I get random rhymes that come to me and then I base my poems off them. To make it flow I use words that describe the tone and I use them based off my emotions a lot of the times <3

@the_bi_potato Q- Do you like MHA? A- YES! Shoto all the way~

@the_bi_potato Q- How the heck did ya end up looking like the volleyball king Kenma? A- HAHHAHAHAHAHHA! You can't compare me to that god! And my mom bleached my hair an then it grew out... so yea XD

@mr_invisible Q- What is a secret gift you in Christmas and who gave it? A- I got a bf and he gave me his love~

@chanmin Q- How are you, really? A- I'm fantastic! Life is really good right now and I feel really happy~ (Thanks for worrying though :3)

@wafflecatz Q- Fav animal? A- Wolf or cat

@wafflecatz Q- Fav ice cream flavor? A- Neapolitan for sure (Strawberry, chocolate, and vannilla in one)

@wafflecatz Q- Drawing or coloring? A- Drawing because coloring is so uneven when I do it XD

@wafflecatz Q- Markers or pencils? A- Pencils because marker are hard to use.

@wafflecatz Q- Pen or pencil? A- Pencil because pen smudges and pencil you can erase.

@bookishmuggle Q- What's the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to you? A- Um......... ;-; can we not go there..... ok fine I'll answer but only because this is a Q&A~ Answer---->

A- When I was young.... 1st grade... I was in class talking to this guy... I had a crush on him.. and tried to be cool.. and I might've like... 👉👈 Ate a marker.... to be cool..... The teacher looked at me and was like O-O

And she said "Rowan what's the blue stuff on your mouth? and me being a little kid... looked down at the marker in my hand.... and it was bad.. I started crying (I was a cute little kid ok and this was really bad) I was crying and I thought I was gonna die... well yea that's it guys don't judge 👉👈

@cubeyflowers Q- What gifts did you get on Christmas what gifts did you give and to who did u give it?? A- This is gonna be long XD I got.... ---->

1. Whole bunch of art stuff (drawing paper, paint, paint brushes, colored pencils, gel pens, and coloring book) 2. Aqua volleyball 3. Arrows for my bow 4. Drawings from my sis and brother. 5. Fuzzy socks 6. Regular socks 7. 2 books to complete my series. 8. Best bf in the world

I gave.... All my family drawings including.... My mom, dad, brother, sister, aunt, 2 cousins, my 1 cousins bf, my soon to be uncle, and friends.

@borp Q- Where’s the lamb sauce? A- Um... idk

@autumnleaves Q- Twix or Skittles? A- SKITTLES (Twix aren't vegan anyway)

@autumnleaves Q- Snow or sun? A- SUN! I love getting a tan UwU

@autumnleaves Q- Are the movies better or the books? A- BOOKS!!!!!!

@hayden33 Q- Drawing on paper or computers? A- Paper

@hayden33 Q- Do u struggle with mental illness? A- No

@inkdragon Q- Do you draw from your imagination for your stories, or base them on your life? A- All three and I just look at things and draw them!


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