My challenge results/answers~
My challenge results/answers~ funny stories

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Guesses to help better know my followers~

My challenge results/answers~

Here are my guesses to your guys questions~

@minetagrapes 1. Do I like poetry? 2. What is my favorite color? 3. Do I write poetry?

1. Yes 2. Black 3. Yes

@ariesgirl06 1.What's my fav color? 2.What's my fav movie? 3.Who's my fav actor?

1. Purple 2. Ummm.... Descendants? 3. Thomas Doherty

@wafflecatz 1. What is my favorite color? 2. Do I like dark chocolate? 3. What is my favorite animal?

1. Blue... 2. Yes 3. Cat

@inkdragon 1.What's my favorite superhero? 2.What's my fav song? 3.What's the name of my newest imaginary friend and imaginary bf?

1. Spider man 2. Umm.... idk ;-; 3. Bf- Jackson... I think... or another J name XD Imaginary best friend- Zachary

@mr_invisible 1. What is my favourite car? 2.What is the color of my hair? 3.Do I have any pets in home?

1. Um.... jesus why such random questions??? Idek~ 2. Black 3. Yes

@bebbie2000 1) Am I poetry or short story person 2) Do I have a pet 3) Do I have dark hair

1. Poetry 2. Yes 3. Yes

@bookishmuggle 1. Do I like poems or stories better? 2. Name one of my favorite fandoms. 3. What's my favorite color?

1. Poems 2. Harry Potter 3. Ummmm red?

@em_jay_hyde 1.What is my favorite book series? 2. What is my dream job? 3. What's one thing I do in my free time?

1. Idk... Harry Potter? 2. Author 3. Write duh XD

@fire_muffin 1. What is my favorite dessert? 2. What is my favorite animal? 3. Do I like poetry or stories more?

1. Um... ice cream? 2. Um... fox?? 3. Poetry... idk XD

@anime_senpaii 1. DoI like anime 2. Do I like poetry 3. How many accounts have I made that you/others know of?

1. Yes 2. Yes 3. Well I know that one and another so 2 :D

@mochiboo2 1. Do I have an animal?

1. I mean idk but imma say yes~

@twilightqueen17 1.Do I like poetry or stories more? 2. What's my fav color? 3. What's my dream job?

1. Poetry 2. Um... purple? 3. Um..... singer? Idek XD

@wolfbane 1. What is my Favrite color? 2. Animal? 3. What is my gender? 4.(Idk, I just wanna know.) Are my questions stupid?

1. Black 2. Cat 3. I don't want to assume genders... but girl? 4. No they're not XDDD

@autumnleaves 1. Favorite genre 2. True or false: According to online stuff, one of the results for "What is my spirit animal" 3. What's my age?

1. Romance 2. Hmmmmm 3. Ok well I don't want to sound rude... but I'm guessing like 12 or 13 ;-;

@papaya_grl619 1.) Who’s my favorite singer? 2.) What’s my zodiac sign? 3.) What’s my Hogwarts house,(two correct answers to this question)?

1. Alec Benjamin... ;-; 2. Taurus... idk XD 3. Hufflepuff

@kittenwritten23 1. What is my favorite season? 2. Am I a fan of anime? 3. What is my favorite genre of book?

1. Winter 2. Idk imma say yes 3. Hmmmmm fantasy??

@smellypotato_13 1. Do I like long poems or short? 2. Whats my eye color? 3. Do I like grapes?

1. Short 2. Hazel.. idk XD 3. Ummm sure?

Keep in mind everyone these were pure guesses~ I mean some of them I knew because some of these people are my friends but most were just guesses, tell me in the comments how many I got right :) Stay safe and stay amazing lovelys~


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