Late night talk show with @inkdragon and I
Late night talk show with @inkdragon and I show #2 stories

rowan0530 Looking for something I wont find~
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Welcome to the 2nd late night talk show!

Late night talk show with @inkdragon and I

Welcome back Inkdragon!!!! Ready to get hyped and sleep-deprived??

Good Morning to all! And yes!

It's night Inkdragon ;-;

I know but good night sounds lime we're going to bed.....

True UwU So let's begin!


What's one thing on your mind... GO!

North Star

Hmmm interesting

The literal star

Ooohhhh ok!

Volleyball I have mine in my bed right next to me for some weird reason.... comfort maybe.. I is lonely XD

Me too, but we's has each other!

UwU true!

What did the man say to the vaccumn cleaner?


Suck it up


Why did the scarecrow win an award? Because he was outstanding in his field."

Because he was outstanding in his field."


What's your fav song rn?

Lunatic by Andy Grammed. Describes most of my life. You?

Do re mi by- Blackbear It is catchy


Ever heard rusty chevrolet?


Look it up on youtube later. It's a parody of jingle bells. Hilarious.

Ok :)

Ever heard of the word sleep, cause I have not.

Nope! Only sleep-deprivision!


Well did you get anything cool for Christmas?

My mom got us a nintendo switch. Blew the christmas budget but it's awesome! You?

Oh wow! Nice! I got something but it's a secret. I also got so much art crap it's ridiculous!

Cool! I like art crap

Same! I be drawing and sucking at it.

Same here sister!


So, I'm going blank.... What do you want to talk about next?

Sleep deprivation does that.... so if you could go anywhere in the whole world, where, and why?

The center. Is it lava or another world. It seems really interesting and no one's been there.

You would die .....

Maybe.... Maybe not....

Science *mind blown*

Tbh I don't even know what I'm doing with my life..... listening to my friend sing on a loop and making a show... what happened to my life.. and it's 1:44am.... ;-; How am I even thinking rn?


That's really helpful XD

Well, I'm a sleep-deprived writer, not a neruo scientist lol


Well do you like to read poetry or write it?

Read. I suck at rhymes, as you can tell from my poet battles with @goldenflame

Lol ok

How about you?

Oh definitely write it. I like to write poems and lyrics but I'm no good at it, as you can see from all my poems on here. XD

Do you like any universe's or anyting?

PJO, MARVEL, my own, and probably a bunch you haven't heard of and/or I can't remember right now.

YAS MARVEL! And same like my brain is like *shut down mode*

My brain is "my body says sleep but I say no!" mode

Sameeeee I'll loose the battle like every other night tho

Welp thanks for joining my sleep- deprived lonely self, Have a good night!

Well, I gotta hit ths sack before I'm up at 4am again.

Oof yeah you prolly should! Nightt~


*Shuts off camera*

End cred's ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Yo, all those sleep deprived hommies out there, get some sleep! This was brought to you by The Rowan dragon corporation. Have a good night/day and don't forget to be a good human!

~@inkdragon ~Rowan

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