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rowan0530 ♥With him, I'm whole ♥
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When you need me I'll be gone.

Imaginary friend

I was an imaginary friend, I didn't exist. You talked too me as if you could see. The pain I felt when you grew, it's like you took my soul. A piece ripped out of my chest.

I hoped you would put me together again. I need that puzzle piece. I can no longer move, I've been pushed into the darkness. It's cold in here. Where ever I am, it hurts.

My breathing starts to slow. I realize I was never real. When you hit age 10 you left. You never came back. I will never forget you. Too my dear friend, my life has come to an end.

I can't say my goodbye. I still see you cry. Through this tiny crack in my chest, I see you. Your all grown up and in need of help. I can't help, so I must leave.

I hope you never truly forgot me. I will never forget you. The 5 year old boy who gave me light. Who acknowledged my presence. Who saw me for me. I might've been scary, but you stayed.

Everyone talks about how we're nightmare creatures.... all we wanted was a teacher. Teach us how to live a normal life. Teach us how to be human. Teach us how to love. Teach us how to feel.

Teach us how to see.

So set me free

I'm only imaginary

Set me free

I mean nothing

Set me free

I don't deserve to be happy

Set me free

I'm imaginary

Please have some hope, your life will get better. My life only got worse. Us "nightmare creatures" are only under a curse. Please be happy, it ruins me to see you like this.

But yet I'm already ruined, broken, and misshapen. Forget about me and believe in you. I'm nothing, I'm a fake. I deserve nothing cause I was only something you made.

I was bored and you were to. You thought of me and then I was there with you. I was rocking in that chair. You screamed, I cried, and you tried to hide. Your mom told you to grow up...

and that's what you did. I was still always there, just in the darkness. I could never go in the light after that, I was banished, to the depths of your starkness.

So please, set me free

I'm only imaginary

I'm a monster

I'm cold and I lay in the silence

I'm imaginary

I deserve no sympathy

Cause I'm only imaginary

Dear David, please just forget. About me and everything after it. I might've held on too long, but now I'm finally gone. The creature that used to follow you is broken. It's torn. It's solid.

It's forever lost.

I'm imaginary

This is the end of my story

I'm already gone

Goodbye friend

I'm only imaginary

We'll meet again

I'm only imaginary

I'm just pretend

A figment of your imagination

Cause I was only imaginary

-Rowan McCluskey

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