I'm going to give myself a little challenge~ (keep reading)
I'm going to give myself a little challenge~ (keep reading) fun stories

rowan0530 Does the caged bird still sing?
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Challenge for me from you~

I'm going to give myself a little challenge~ (keep reading)

So I have hit 700 followers (716 to be exact) And I would like for you to give me a challenge. I talk to a lot of people on here................................ And I want to know how well I know my followers~

So I want you to ask me 3 questions in the comments about you~ I will try to guess what I think based on either your pf or your posts, or just a genral guess~

For example someone could put~ What's my fav color? What's my fav food? Do I like poetry or stories better?

I will make a post answering all of them to what I think, and you can correct me in the comments of that post~ To be honest I have a lot of things to do with school and the simulator and my contest deadline coming up, but rn I'm bored and I want something to do.

Whoever asks me the questions I'll make sure to tag you in the comments of my guessing post. 3 questions max please because I don't want to spend hours writing answers :) Also it will give you a chance for me to read your posts for all the people that I haven't talked to.

I will also read poetry, so if anyone has any good poetry, please let me know, I love writing poems~ This should be fun~

Oh and also if anyone is wondering why I keep changing my profile.. idek so yeah~ Also I will change my name every so often to uplifting words~ I also have been posting happy and self love stuff, also I'm into flowers and aesthetic stuff rn~

Any questions about this leave in comments or any questions about yourself.. leave in the comments :) I would love to get to know you guys better, because I don't know half of you.... But I read almost all your posts~ Keep making amazing stuff~


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