If it's all we have (Prologue)
If it's all we have (Prologue) romance stories

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If it's all we have (Prologue)

“You have to leave Myrcella. It’s not safe here and our every move is being watched, witnessed, recorded.”

The urgency in his voice was terrifying, I could tell he was being serious but I couldn’t stop the tears from falling. Why hadn't he told me about this sooner?

“That just isn’t fair! You can’t leave me, I can’t lose you too…” I croak.

He slides his hand to my cheek, wiping the tears away. I collapse in his arms gratefully, soaking his shirt with my fears and regrets.

“I know, I know. It’ll be alright. You just have to stay strong, for me... Alright?” He holds me closer, his arms starting to shake, and I can hear his heartbeat quicken.


I stare at the door, mortified. This can’t be right, no, it isn’t right!

I glance at the watch on my wrist. It reads 1600 (4pm). We still have two hours left!

Dawson glances at the door, his face dropping. He looks back at me and gives me a sad smile. The tears regain.

It’s time for him to leave.

The banging continues on the door. Dawson pulls me into a hug, whispering in my ear while doing so. “Don’t forget, train number 402 at dawn. He’ll be waiting, I…”

He starts to say something else but then the door bursts open, men in military attire grab Dawson by the arms, shoving him through the door.

“NO!” I gasp, faltering as I try to run after them.

Once I get to the doorway, they’re already pushing him into the back of a white van, I see his face one last time. His expression is pained and helpless but he knows better then to disobey.

One of the men, getting into the van, looks back at me. He makes a face of sympathy and then slams the door shut.

I run after the van, my dress flying behind me.

I sprint after the van. Chasing, pleading, but it never does stop.

I get looks from people on the street, disgusted looks, confused looks, but I don't care. I keep running.

As it rounds a corner and drives out of sight my legs give out. I crumble to the ground, defeated.

I lay there for what seems like forever, but not like any of that matters anymore.

Nothing matters.

I open my reddened eyes and my hand brushes one of the pockets in my dress. I feel something bulky in the midst of it.

I shift my body and I sit up slightly, my body stiff from crying and being plastered to the ground, I decide to move as little as possible

Once I get my hand inside my pocket, I feel a long piece of paper. Thick and solid.

It's an envelope.

I carefully open it, not to disturb whatever lies inside.

But whatever was in the letter, I never got to see.

Because just then, my vision starts to blur,

and everything goes black.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Wow, what a dramatic ending. I'm so mean~ Anyway, I'll post the next part sometime in the future. Thank you for reading this, I hope you liked it. And thank you for 3000 followers. <33


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