Give it away
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rowan0530 MISSIO/NF/Eminem/Grandson/Billie Eilish/
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Break me down but we get up.

Give it away

Stole my heart, broke it in two, ran off with the other piece. Took part of my soul, you never let go, now I weep. Silent tears fall down these reddened cheeks, as I pray absently.

Oh god please forgive thee, he only wants the best for me.

As I watch the world fly by I think to myself how and why? When did this world flip a switch when did people turn like this? I wanted him back, I never got him.

In this world where devils live, angels die, people give. So give a part to everyone, they deserve to live. My heart may be broken and shattered but this is the world we live in.

Give a crumb or a piece, give a ounce please oh please. The world is cold, but no one is truly alone.


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