Found myself dreaming
Found myself dreaming  dream stories

rowan0530 Hold up my balloons and cover up my face
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Be you~

Found myself dreaming

Hold out your hand. Place it in mine Lets show our signs. Star crossed lovers from different times. To lost souls, but only they know. Want to love and refuse to hate. Two different lovers with the same fate.

Found myself dreaming, of being with you. That would be a wish come true. Found myself wondering what to do. If only I could be with you. Show me the way to your heart. Light a path, let me follow your voice. I'll make this my only choice.

Never leave my side, be here until I die. Sure we'll both cry, but it's never a bad night. Live life as if we have forever, I'll spend the rest with you. Stay silent, as we hold on for dear life. Never fear for I will always be here. Run into my arms when you're scared, I'll be here.

Found myself thinking, of all the possibility's. Found myself wanting more then I can have. I'll give you the world if that's what you desire. I'll make everyday seem like our last.


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