Fight for your right
Fight for your right i want to hear you stories

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Don't hate or discriminate were all human just different traits.

Fight for your right

Don't hate or discriminate were all human just different traits. We should be kind to all no matter the race or the size, everyone deserves to be happy in there lives.

Equality is a thing, so shine bright and don't take there stings. They try to put us down but we get back up, they do it again but we wont fall.

Be yourself you have nothing to lose be yourself cause you get to choose. Know one can tell you who to be, cause he, she, they, and them, all deserve to be happy in the end.

You can be gay, straight, bi, pan, trans, ace, black, white, brown, pink, or a unicorn for all I care cause I love you all equally.

Everyone please stop this racial and discrimination crap we are all equals doesn't matter what they have. Anyone who disrespect them they disrespect me, and that's not what you want trust me.

So spread this far and wide cause this is gonna end tonight. No more pointing, no more blaming, and please no more shaming. No more hating, no more faking, be you and that's all you gotta do.

Don't let anyone put you down they only say those things cause they're jealous. They're jealous your'e strong, brave, and tall. They're jealous cause you stand above all.

They are mean for there own pleasantry, don't feed into it cause you got all you need. You have me you have many others you have everyone who cares for each other.

You have the world behind you, lets show them what you can do. We can speak let them hear our voices and we can fight for our rights.

-Rowan McCluskey

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