Dancing in the rain, show people the real you
Dancing in the rain, show people the real you  happy stories

rowan0530 Hold up my balloons and cover up my face
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Lift up poem~

Dancing in the rain, show people the real you

Let me be your light Let me be the guide Take you out of the dark Maybe we'll see something

Take you far away From this evil place I can help you Give me your hand Let me help you stand

I'm calling your name in the dark I hear you but it's so hard You're in the stars

You're a human Your'e amazing You deserve love I'm here to give it There's never such thing as to many friends My heart is just that big

There's room for you There's room for 2 There's room for more And I'll never close the door

I'll let you in, but you have to trust me I'll be your friend, everyone needs love Talk to me I can help you see This world isn't all dusty Nice people exist, you just have to look close

I'm right here No

I'm right here No Over

I'm right here No Over Here

I love you~

You are enough~

Everyone deserve love~ Especially you~ Whoever you are, stay safe and stay awesome~ I need you to be ok, or else I'm not~

It can be hard, but you'll get through it I'm here if you need me Others are here for you to~ Stay positive even in the worst times~


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