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rowan0530 I'll live for me and die for you~
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Commaful art~

Commaful art~

So I've seen a whole bunch of people make Commaful art, so I decided to make some. I drew these online so they aren't the greatest~

Ok so I did draw this one~ Tried to get the shape right!

Commaful kitty

Commaful puppy~

Tbh idek what this is XD

Commaful Pikachu

I did draw these with my hands just on my computer so they didn't turn out the greatest~ One more and this one was made on Picrew --->

1. Blue hair to show symbolism 2. Yellow eyes to show the golden community 3. Pajamas to show being comfy while writing 4. Bow to show the beauty in the community 5. Smile to show the happiness in the community 6. Heart to show the love in the community Commaful is a beautiful place~


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