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rottweiler18 Goodbye commaful! Be awesome, be you!
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Sometimes the hardest thing to do

As I sit down to my laptop or paper, my mind goes black

Or does it

Is it all the memories, pains of my past

Or the thought of what I should of done

Sometimes thoguh writing is a breeze.

You get that idea and can write for ever.

Like how I love or creativity in your mind is set free

It is life throwing a ball and you catching it or missing it

Life saying Greatjob and you say thanks

But when it doesn’t happen what happened next

Your fingers stop moving

You take a break

Or sit there for hours

But writing is for thinking, enjoying,doing well. You dominate this skill and share it

Practice takes time ‘ When your not practicing, someone else is.’

Writing is so peaceful, or strong that one may be shocked when they read certain lines

Your book is going great and then you read ‘ and suddenly I feel a pain in my heart, it leaving as I lay on the floor cold. Hearing my sister and mothering shah don’t take him, but then at once I no longer must hear, for I am ... gone.’

You gasp, and you continue to read, or was the last page. cliffhangers they call them, just like the one

I did

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