Trying something new... Trivia!
Trying something new... Trivia! trivia stories

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By rottweiler18

Trying something new... Trivia!

by rottweiler18

What is your personality?

You will have 6 questions, and 4 options to choose! Question, then answer. Keep track of all your A’s, B’s, C’s, and D’s. At the end you will meet your match, What is your personality! Share your results in comments, or keep to your self! Enjoy!

1.) Someone is crying in a coroner. What do you do? A. Get a teacher, they know what to do. B. Go to them and try to crack a joke, make them smile. C. Leave them alone, they don’t want to talk to anyone. D. Walk away, someone else can take care of it.

2.) Your best friend has a party, you aren’t invited. You do... A. Let it go, try to stay positive! B. Try to think of another way, there must be a reason... right? C. Cry for days, my best friend... really? D. Give him/her the silent treatment

3.) Your friend is captured, you have to hand the gem over for them to live. You do... A. Hand over the gem, they can’t keep her/him. B. Keep it, the gem is to important. C. Give the gem back, then the both of them can get the gem. D. Keep the gem and use it for our own use

4.) What is your favorite food. A. Meats B. Vegetables C. Candy!! D. Fruits (healthy foods.)

5.) Favorite Animal. A. Shark (love those teeth.) B. Birds C. Fish D. Livestock animals

6.) You get tickets to see the best game ever! You can invite one friend of two. You choose... A. You don’t go, you couldn’t choose a friend over a friend. B. Go with the one friend, and do another fun thing after the game. C. Go by yourself, sell the tickets. D. Go by yourself, and let them decide

Finally! You finished the trivia!! Add your A’s andB’s to find out which personality is yours

If you chose mostly A’s You are generous and kind. always there for a friend! You never leave someone alone and you try to stay positive in tough situations. You are a leader, and love to be outside. You always put others first!

If you choose mostly B’s You are Clever! You try to always find another way, even if it is hard to find! You may have to overcome something, but always go back to make it better. You love animals and don’t want to hurt them.

If you choose mostly C’s You are shy, calm, and don’t try to find another way, you are happy with your surroundings and don’t want to change anything! You like the water, and are super chill!

If you choose mostly D’s You are very independent, and are a follower. You find it hard to help others, because you don’t want to mess up. You don’t like being in charge, because you again don’t want to mess up. You are shy but try to talk out.

Thanks for reading! Tell me if you like it and want a certain type of trivia in comments below or chats.

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