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This was made from the help of @soothrain, @skye, and me! I would have added more people, but there weren’t any others! Not to late to contribute a line though. So don’t hesitate, write a line about sorrow, or happiness. Thanks! Enjoy!


Voices booming screaming screeching in my head

When the tears from my green hazel eyes trickle down my cheeks

The heart I once had shattered

The mind once true

Everything changed when I tried


I tried to cry and gave out a yell Not a single friend was to be found in this dreary hell. No magical potion No balmy spell The place where I am stuck only mystery monsters dwell. @skye @skye

Where I am stuck, never so far, in this hole now be no rope

The wounds birth a scar, that reminds of all sorrows, the soul endured. The grieving hour has consumed its space, glued itself, and made a home. @soothrian

The scars not from tears,

Nor from those words

But sorrow fills thee

Of mixed emotions, now unable to heal

Looking deeper and deeper to the shadow behind

My shadow be water

The sea of tears

Of the tears once cried

Now nothing there

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