Running it of time pt.1
Running it of time  pt.1 short-storie stories

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Running it of time pt.1

This is a short storie... something different!! Cross your fingers

I lay there motionless; waiting for him to come. For at the critical point in time I thought many many thoughts. One thought being I may not be able to think all those thoughts. The man in the black cloak was coming. In stories they called him it.

For every year, January 17, he would come. And he always did. He would take 4 people. A scholar, warrior, farmer, and hunter. Then they go past the forest the surrounds our village. Then, well the rest I don't know. Perhaps I wasn't told

This year, he only took one. Guess who.

I now lay motionless, so he doesn't here me. Laying behind a tree. Covered in mud. Now there was only one thing to do. Read the letter my mother's , who was taken. Letter. The letter for in case this happened, I would have answers.

Dear Addison, My beautiful daughter. I am afraid if you are reading this letter it is because IT is after you. Stay calm. I know what to do. Go to the village and grab your lightest armor. Grab the sorwd over the mantel. And travel light. Bring honey to eat. A knife, water canateen, and that is all. He wont come in the village after

Midnight, the 17 soon to be 18. Never go in to the forest with out this. You won't make it. Never stop running and never hide. That gives him time to track you. *great in a woods and hiding. What's next* once you reach the end of the forest go to the water fall. Called 17 rocks. You will soon know the definition. And the date January 17.

I am alive. I wrote this when I left. So sort of fresh. Oh and one more thing. If you get captured you have to escape. I don't have anymore time. Goodbye Addison. I will be back soon. But we are running out of time. Love, Your mother carmen!

As soon as I finished the word carmen. A hand went over my mouth. And my body couldn't move. At all.

Pt.2 coming soon! Okay

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