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rottweiler18 Goodbye commaful! Be awesome, be you!
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I know this wouldn’t win, I want to so bad, but I live to write so I tried! I love reading everyone’s work, so I tried to pull from this. No lines from others though. I hope this gets shared online, you unit wouldn’t. Just read!


Secrets, secrets , secrets

Open you up, and slice it up, without sewing you back together

It hurts to know you were lied to

Lied to Pushed to And looked over like I was nothing

Bulling more like it

So was keeping a secret worth it

Be able to get laughed at, spit at, looked out, and then pushed out

Why does it hurt, hurt so bad.


S for Sly Sly as it is hard to be seen when having to hide all the time

E for everything Everything changing

C for crushing Coming at you night and day

R for racing, racing to bite at you day and night

E for ever, you already no the rest

T for tight, tight are your lips.. glued forever being still

And s at the end, for sadness to top it all. Tears down your eyes because you kept it so long,

That the tears down my face

Are all because of a word!

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