Running out of time Pt.3
Running out of time Pt.3 running out of time stories

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Running out of time Pt.3

* Great! I get to walk away from the village right into a trap. When I was trying to avoid him. * " we are almost out of the village." He said. * I could so punch him right now. Right on the nose.* " should I clap?" " no..."

" I really don't want to be here." "Too bad." He did his smirk again. " soon it will be all over. " We were at the forest, and far enough from the village that if I tried to run, I wouldn't make it. I had my sorwd and knife ready.. but when would he strike.


Strike Strike

Strike strike Wait We were going out of the forest. So why we heading to the heart of it.

"This isn't even close to the fishing hole." " I know. " " then where are we going?" " we are going to hunt. " *on what birds???*

" you hunt yes?" *duh!* " of course. But I am here to fish. So if we aren't fishing then I am leaving." " be on your way. Make sure you are far away from the village that they can't here you scream.

" Why?" " Becuase each step you make they will come closer. And every whisper you make in fear it will crawl. And for every Time you look to the sky it will grow darker. And then the ground will break into a million pecies. Because it is standing right next to you. Waiting to pounce and make its move. Waiting for you to scream.

But it is curious. Of why you are so different, curious, able to run." Okay starting to get weird. I knew it was him now. " And if it is so curious, why doesn't it pounce. When clearly there isn't anything stopping it. "

"Because it is waiting. Waiting for the fear to consume it, waiting for the sky to be dark, waiting to be far enough that when you scream no one will hear. When you fall you will never stop falling. Or climb back up. For Addison, you will never be heard again. You are mine. You are never making it out of the woods.

You are never leaving." At the instance I just ran. I knew I had a shot. I thought I had a shot. I threw my knife in I shoulder. And he just faded. In to a ghost like thing. I ran. The wind picked up. Life was throwing me a ball and I was to catch it or miss it.

One ball to go with him. The other to leave him. Which would win. I started running fatser and faster. Where would I go. Then I felt blood from the back of my head, falling into arms, And fighting, then falling, and then gone.

Pt.4 coming soon. Also..... tell me how I am doing. What you want to see, like, don't like. Be honest!! It helps me a lot!!! Thanks! Hope you enjoyed!!

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