Running out of time pt.2
Running out of time pt.2 running out of time series stories

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Running out of time pt.2

"Gotcha! Your coming with me." It said. In a deep voice. I quickly moved my feet and punched him where the sun don't shine. He screamed and I ran. *the letter!* he held the letter in his hands and smirched. " old' carmen. Yeah I remember her. She escaped, which is more than you will ever do. No where to go hon."

*run home!* is all I could think. I ran quicker and quicker each heartbeat. I was tired... scared... and thought about not making it. " so be it. Hard way is fine. Boys... get on with it. " he said. The dogs started chasing me. I had no choice. I was done. Right? I was 200 meters away from the village. So close. Then a claw grabbed my foot and I tripped.

"Ow! Get off!!" I kicked the dog off and ran back. "I will be back." The dogs left. I ran into the village and tried to slow down and just get to my cottage. Once I arrived I patched my wound. Then grabbed the encentials and ran out. It was busy now. Then some boy with jet black hair and a hunter outfit on came up to me.

" Addison is it? Name is Jason JR copperhead . Where are ya headed. I mean I was going to ask if you wanted to fish with me." I was sort of speech less. He was cute and full of mystery. " 17 long name. " "Yeah. Observent thing. One of many qualities. "

"Sure. Actually I have to go somewhere. Later." "Wait! Just come fish with me for awhile." " and I should trust you?" " don't see why not. Where are you headed. Forest is where I am headed. Best fishing place called 17 rocks."

17 rocks! I knew I could trust him. "17 rocks is outside of the forest." " oh! Yeah I guess it is." He started to look like he was lying. " who are you really?"

" well, the fishing place is outside but so what. It is gone." *sure. He can so be trusted. I need to avoid conversations and get out of here. But he was suspected of it. I needed to know if it was him so I could lose him.*

" So what is up with 17. Your name and fishing home. Why name it 17 rocks." " 17 rocks wear on my neaklace I guess." He was lying. And that smirk, it was him. " excuse me but I have to go. Train. Goodbye."

"I don't think so." " don't think so what" " your father said you should come with me.for the day off. What are you scared of?" ******************************** " dad am I supposed to go with him. Why!?" " What could go wrong. Nice young man."

" you don't even want me to talk to boys. Why now." " just do as you are told. Go darn it." I walked out of the room startled. I had to go with him. And now I knew as soon as I left the village I wouldn't be safe. The forest would be my prison. It be my torture. And mom my memories.

" lets go." I said to the boy. " now you see reason." " If it was my choose, you would have a black eye and be in pain. And I would be on my way. Now shut up and move. I have places to be." "Sure boss." He smirked his turned grin. He had plans, plans I don't want to know of

Plans, that where for sure forme. I was ready to strike. His lake would be his grave. And I would find my mom. And answers.

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