Poem Conetst Title: Words
Poem Conetst 

Title: Words napowrimo stories

rottweiler18 Goodbye commaful! Be awesome, be you!
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Poem Conetst Title: Words

Words Stab you in the back The harder they hit

Words Getting blacker and blacker As they fall

Words creating tears Pain Sorrow Heartbreak in it all


Words Words

Words Words Words perice through the flesh with out you knowing.

Words Happy Sad Pain Pain for the slap in the face Happy for the ‘ way to go’ Sad for ‘you are weird Words for when your fist can’t do the work

Words can hurt Words can feel Words can pierce Words can change Words do hurt Words to make me cry Words stab Words even scar

Word, words, words What and why are they here

Words, trickledown, splash, hit hard like a ball

Scar Scar Scar

Fear Fear Fear

Happy now! The words I can’t say

Words, well I shut my mouth.

Because if I open I fail I hurt I make tears

But I am happy now because I changed Why: Words I changed Words became encouragement instead of hatefulness

Now I am greateful

I am the sun

Happy because my words

Are the words that are gone Words, words, words

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