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rottweiler18 Goodbye commaful! Be awesome, be you!
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I didn’t put pictures because I didn’t want to take from the message. I tried very hard on this, please enjoy!


They say that happiness will find you

But I think sadness finds you too

It sneaks up on you in the darkness

Just when you think you’ve made it through.

It opens holes on what was solid ground

And no one is there to catch you

Until you go to take another step

And find your standing over air

The world around you passes by

In blurs of colour and sound

Nothing around you makes sense

As you continue to plummet down

You can’t remember how that pain started

And you have no idea when it will end

But you know you would give anything

To stand on your feet again

Sadness and sorrow are the feeling

When the feeling doesn’t stop

And it slaps your life of being

And all of the good things you got

So when you finally hit rock bottom.

And you look up to the sky

What you once had seen as so far away

The only thing left is to cry

People all yell to save yourself

Saying the worlds like happiness and hope will help you

But there are to busy with a live of there own to realize

It’d be a lot quicker to just let down a rope -unknown :)

Thanks -Rottweiler18

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