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My story

*Note: does not relate to me!!*

My story travels long and wide

Though you may not know the tale

Of how a young man

Met a fantastic girl

He climbed to the top of her tower

Threw rocks at her door.

Until one day she left him... she left the entire world

He mourned for weeks

Until he realized

He was only 20.. continue with his life

He decided to sail the seas

He decided to travel the world

He met many women

He learned many new things

Like his new life career

He wanted to write!

He wrote for days... only staying inside.

Dipping the ink to paper

He wrote his story.. of his journey of life

Until he finally had gone

One year later his sisters son... came to read his book

That this was only the beginning

That now it was his turn

He wrote about his sorrow and despair

Of how he should start a famaily

He wrote of his son one day continued

The book he found the suddenly he had wrote

So when he passed... the journey was done

It was time to continue new pages

Life is a mysterious thing

But you can uncover the secrets

If you find out how to decipher the code

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