Lost Hope pt.3
Lost Hope pt.3 @imaginarywriter stories

rottweiler18 Goodbye commaful! Be awesome, be you!
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By rottweiler18

Lost Hope pt.3

Standing on what was solid ground, now no one there to catch you. Now's the time to get back up and climb the rocky mountains. sometimes you'll fall, sometimes you'll think. So get back up, there is no rope, only your hands and feet. no time to pity, no time to waste, get back up and start. No one but YOU can.

it's time to stand tall, it's time to move. no more wasted time. no more sitting, waiting, waiting for some to do the job for you. only you can get the job done so get up and move your legs, god gave them to you for a reason.

stand tall, don't fall down... keep keep your back straight. don't sit down, don't give up. keep on moving forward. Stand strong, keep your head up, and don't think your not good enough. your never to young to

by rottweiler18

laying there still and hopeless... how in the world could you feel. nothing to do.. can't even stand now what can i do. will i get up and move on.. or sit here and just worry. i will get up and start my life like i should have done in my weary

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