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rottweiler18 Hey I’m back! Just for awhile!😜😜
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Random. But #what’s your move to if someone does this. Does that.

If someone

I might be invisible to the naked eye

And My mouth might be closed

But my eyes are always wide open

I see the truth right in front of my face Sometimes I unsee what I see

And hear what they say Sometimes not to be heard

And Here the words that were meant to cut me down

But if someone tries to make you feel lower than them Aren’t they already?

If someone has to buy themselves to be better than you Wasn’t it the inside that counts

If someone has to have eyes always looking What will happen when they stop

If someone wants you to change because you aren’t up to there standards Why do they keep expecting for you to change when you are your own boss?

If someone every tries to change you or make you Just say

If you told me to leap, to take a leap of faith And that leap of faith was jumping from a clip Should you to benefit them Do they really need you to make a fool of yourself

If it only benefits them. If they could give a crap about you?

If someone asks you to be your friend Should you keep your heart guarded from the hate Or open it up to the love

To the trust

What’s your move. What if you make a mistake What if you mess up What if you miss the greatest chance of your life. All becuase your eyes were closed Your heart unopened Your trust, broken

What ‘s your move?

#What’s your move If you are open with you sharing how you deal with people and putting you down or others... # what’s your move and share in the comments

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