Commaful I have an announcement
Commaful I have an announcement imaginarywriter and goldenratio0618 inspiration stories

rottweiler18 Goodbye commaful! Be awesome, be you!
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Goodbye commaful. I am going to miss you.


Commaful I have an announcement

Hey, sorry for short notice and for not being here lately...

Truth is I am leaving commaful

I love my family here but I am posting my writing else where, and improving it :)

So I am writing a short and last piece for all those who stuck with me these past years...

I hope you like it... Note: My inspiration for this was my friend imagianrywriter for going and doing so well and goldenratio0618 for his amazing words

I Looked in the mirror and here for I saw A reflection of mystery, potential, memory and aw She looked at the pictures of her long forgotten stories

And realized it was time to move on There where new chapters too her stories New roads for in which lead to her future She took her pen and took ink to paper

And began to write her new story A story that ends differently Not happy or sad But lost in her head Prices not placed to the puzzle

it wasn’t perfect it wasn’t bad She just realized she needed to accept the criticism and compliments of her work And start a new life A new chapter To her story Not yours, not mine

But one that has been forgotten Or has it been lost at all

I love you commaful. Goodbye.

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