Commaful, all girls need to read this.
Commaful, all girls need to read this. the truth stories

rottweiler18 Goodbye commaful! Be awesome, be you!
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This is about how girls shouldn’t have to wear makeup. Imaginarywriter wrote perfect girl and wants to spread her cause, so read it and spread the words. Make up hide the face, do don’t wear it, do you were it so people think your pretty because you already are. If someone likes you from looks and not the heart then is it worth it?

Commaful, all girls need to read this.

Imaginary writer wrote perfect girls and how makeup isn’t needed

Why girls hid there true self in art and color

Hides there true colors, there real emotions

So read Perfect girl by imaginary writer

Spread her message to every girl you know

And help the cause

Because this really matters

If you support this spread the word

Your face isn’t a canvas so don’t paint it. -imaginary writer.

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