🌼Bloom🌼 Chapter 6: Another Dream?
   Chapter 6: Another Dream? scifi stories

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Chapter 6 of Bloom. Blume finds herself in a dream again, but this time, there seemed to be someone else there too...

🌼Bloom🌼 Chapter 6: Another Dream?

♡Chapter 6: Another Dream?♡

She stood in a field of bright, flashing flowers. There Blume was again. The same place she was at before- a strange, mysterious place that left more questions than answers.

As she walked through the field, she heard someone there for the first time.


Blume stood in silence. Was it safe to answer this mysterious person? The voice was distorted to the point where you couldn't even tell if it even was a person.

Nevertheless, she answers the voice anyways, just glad to finally know she wasn't alone.... but was that even a good thing?

"Uh... hello? I'm here too."

There was no response.

"Who are you? Don't worry, you're not alone."

Finally, Blume heard them again.

"I-I'm stuck. Can I get some help? Please? I really wanna leave this place."

"Uhh... okay. Where are you? Don't panic, it's okay, I'm coming, alright? I just need to know where you are so I can-"

"Please, HURRY."

This person's cries were becoming more desperate with each moment Blume wasn't there.

"Where are you? Are you alright?"


"Who? Who's coming? Are they gonna hurt you? Listen, I need to know where you are so I can help you. I'm trying, I'm trying, okay?"

She didn't hear a response after that.

"Hello? Where are you? Could you please respond?"

Blume was again met with an eerie silence.

"Respond if you're alright! Please! Anything?! Just hang in there, I'm coming."

The ground beneath her started to sink.

And with a flash, her eyes were met with the ceiling of her bedroom, and it was when Blume had realized that what she saw had been nothing but a dream. This time, she decided not to call Comet.

Something about this dream just left her wondering in silence... who was that?

At least Blume knew for sure that wasn't a memory. It didn't give her a deja vu feeling like her last one had.

Still, for some odd reason, she couldn't help feeling that it was connected to the flowers. Why would she be in the field anyways if it wasn't?

She had no idea of who that person was. Slowly, this mystery started to bother her the more she thought about it. It was destroying her mind, and made her feel immeasurable guilt.

I couldn't save them. And now they're gone. It's all my fault.... She soon tried to defend herself, though. Well, I tried my best. Plus, this "person" isn't even real...right?

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