🌼Bloom🌼 Chapter 1: Blooming
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Chapter 1 of Bloom. Bloom is the story of a girl infected with a deadly flower-like parasite. How will she find a cure in time?

🌼Bloom🌼 Chapter 1: Blooming

♡Chapter 1: Blooming♡ (Comet’s Flashback)

If you don't know, this story is about my original characters. Please read my posts on my OCs and story on my page for more context. Thank you! READ BOTH- 🌼Bloom: an Original Story🌼 🌼Bloom: OC Info🌼

"Hey... are you okay?"

And that's when you met me. You sat up and looked up at me, like I had 3 heads or something. And then you looked more confused, then a bit sad.

I didn't know where to start, maybe just find out who you were. "What are you doing here?"

You didn't hear me, or at least you acted like it. You just looked around, strangely. And then you finally said something: "What?" "I found you here. You shouldn't be here.

How long have you been here? This area is pretty dangerous to be around."

"I... don't know."

To be fair, it did make sense. You looked asleep when I came across you. But I had no idea how you had gotten here out of all places. I thought I was the only one who knew about this place.

Guess I was wrong.

"Do you need help?" I helped you get up. You stumbled and wobbled a bit, like a baby just trying to walk. "...Who are you?" Well, I didn't really want to tell you my real name anyways.

So I told you this instead: "I'm Comet." "Comet?" "Yeah, like those things from space." I decided, less about me, more about you.

"What's your name?" And then you stared into space again. It took you awhile to realize what I asked. When you did, you looked a bit worried. "I.....don't know. I don't remember.

Can you help me?" Well, this girl has a serious problem, I thought. Did she have some kind of memory issue? Was she just playing dumb? What can I do to help? I was utterly shocked when you said that.

I couldn't believe it. But I decided to help you anyway. At least try.

"Um, can you try?" You paused for a long time. "...No. I can't." "Well, lets give you a nickname for now. I'm sure your name will come back to you someway." "Ok."

"Well, what kind of nickname do you want?" You thought for a while. For a really long while, actually. And then, you finally said: "I like these flowers.

Do you think I can be named like them?" "Um, okay. What kind of name?" "I like Bloom." "Like flowers in spring?" "Yeah." "Uh, okay then.

We'd have to spell it a little differently to recognize it's you." "B... L....U....M.... and an E." "That's a weird spelling, but okay I guess." "And you're Comet, right?" "Yeah.

Now enough talking, let's go get you some proper help. Okay?" You paused, then replied: "Okay."

As you grabbed my hand, I noticed something odd. Two silhouettes staring back at us. I couldn’t help but wonder, “How are they here too?” You, clueless at the time, gave them a friendly wave. To my surprise, one waved back. I ignored it and decided to help you up. So you took my hand we started walking. When I looked up once more to see if they were there, boom, gone.

The fact that they left without a trace sent chills down my spine. It was an open field... how? I just wanted to get out, so you took my hand we started walking. This field was all to familiar to me. It had been my 13th time coming to study this place. I'm a scientist, and I come there often to test out the plants there. May sound boring, but these flowers were different.

Incredibly toxic, so much that I even made a special suit to wear whenever I visited this area. Poisonous, maybe even deadly. It was clear to me that I knew things you didn't.

You didn't know that yet, so I decided to help.

We crossed the woods and lakes and tunnels underground. The route home was something I knew like the back of my hand. Finally, we got to my portal.

"So basically, this thing, like, transports me to where I need to go really quickly. Um, it's kinda hard to explain to you, but I can go anywhere I want as long as I set these things up.

I'd never make it home without them." "That sounds cool!" "Yeah, it kinda is. Now, step onto the pad and just close your eyes, okay?" "Mhmm.”

Even if you didn't know anything, you still would listen to me. That's something I liked about you. You didn't just do what you wanted. You actually trusted me.

I set up the portal to go to my laboratory. It's where I live. I had collected enough samples of these plants to do further research, but this time I was bringing home a person.

I hooked up these portals pretty much wherever I needed. This one connected to my house, but others transport me to other places. "Ok, hold my hand really tight.

Sometimes it's kinda dangerous." "Um, okay." I gripped your hand tight and closed my eyes. Soon enough, we were at the lab.

This portal lost its magic to me over the years, since I got used to traveling this way. But you were the first person to know about it, which, when I think about it now, is crazy.

"WOW! How did we get here so quick?! That was super COOL!" You really thought it was the craziest thing ever, and it made me happy. But now I had to get to work.

I took the flower samples and went back to my desk. Based on how many experiments I had I'm surprised you didn't call me insane.

I got back to my desk and started to test some things out. I have a large metallic desk where I usually test out things there.

In each drawer, I keep samples of those small flowers I have. I've been testing them for months. What I've learned is that this flower isn't like anything I've ever seen, let alone a plant.

It survives without food, water, or sunlight. It stayed in perfect condition without seeing the light of day for weeks. It seemed to be contagious, in a weird way.

These flowers will grow on anything alive. And most importantly, anything that touched it seemed to be within certain death in a few days.

The last note was something I wasn't sure of. But it was something I would test today. In one of the drawers, I had kept a plant with all the resources it needed to grow strong and healthy.

This plant I had left with these flowers alone in a desk for a pretty long time. This was for a comparison of which plant would grow fastest.

As I unlocked the desk, I realized something extremely strange. To my horror, these flowers had managed to grow on this plant. Each leaf was slowly being destroyed.

This flower acted more like a parasite than any plant I'd seen. Suddenly I felt like my heart dropped into my stomach.

I turned around and looked at you, happy and cheerful and looking around my lab....

What would happen if this thing spread onto a human?

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