Rain in Summer

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rosieblares Die with memories not dreams♡♡♡♡
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This short story is about unexpected rain in the summer

Rain in Summer

As i uncover my eyes from underneath the covers I heard the gentle tapping of raindrops against my bedroom window

These were my favorite kind of days where i didn't have to feel bad about not leaving my house

I get up, stretch and yawn mindlessly I make myself a cup of hot chocolate with whipped cream and small glittery marshmallows

Each raindrop brought together A soothing sound, a natural melody Every bit as beautiful as a mothers soulful ham

It was as if earlier the street had been a Matt photograph Only to be washed as glossy as any magazine page

I take a book with me upstairs and i plop myself down on the couch right underneath my window

Everything blooming, bowing down to the rain

Seeing the droplets trickle down my window brought a sense of calmness within me This is the time i could be alone and be myself

I read away and let every moment sink in as it was not going to last forever

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