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This is about a captured slave.

A captured slave

By: Meghan Young

This is a story I had to write for social studies.

Once I am finished writing on this peice of paper I will burn it. But right now I need to wright all my frustration out. I need to start at the begining.

Back in Africa my King sent me to another kingdom to spy. Lets just shorten the story a bit. After four months of getting imformation, they found me writing to my King.

So they threw me in jail. All the gaurds said I would get a trial. But it never came. What did come was a guard telling me I was someone elses problem. I asked what he meant.

But he just smiled and punched me in the face. I tried fighting back, but he was a man and had more advantages. He beat me, and tied my hands and feet with rope.

That rope was tied to another person, and another, and another. There where at least a hundred. We all then got in a line.

I can still hear the screams of all those poor people in line before me. All of us got branded. They put an iron stick in hot coals until it was red. Then they stuck it on our faces.

They even did this to the children. They branded us for the fear we would run away and escape. When it was my turn to get branded I tried to resist. I did.

I tried to run, and escape, but it's hard to do that when you are tied by a rope. After the burn, we spent at least a few hours in that line. Barely moving.

When we did move it was 1/4 of a step. They didn't even feed us, or give us drink. They just kept us going. If we fell, they would beat us even more.

Finnaly hours of waiting and barely walking, we got to the ship. They took the men below deck to be put on human shelves. They left the women and children up deck. Every day we sat there.

Sat there in the rain, snow, and even hail. It hurt so much. My body ached, and I felt dreadfully sick. So many people died. But the crew did nothing about it.

Well I mean, they did do something. If they were dead they would just throw them over. It smelt so bad. The sick flesh, rotting away.

One woman that died, and had two babies got thrown over, with her baby. Only one of them was so sick it wouldn't survive. The other was healthy, so I begged for it.

I said I would kill myself if they didn't give him to me. They almost threw him over. Then I started throwing my head on the deck. But that doesn't matter right now.

Two months before we got there the crew started hitting us for no reason. Then they started feeding us less and less. So many people decided to starve themselves to death.

When to many started starving themselves, the crew beat them with whipps, knocked out there teeth, and they even forced food and water in some people's mouths.

When we got to land I was so thankful, but so afraid at the same time. What would happen to me? I kept thinking. They then just pushed us to a stage. People started to shout out numbers.

The people shouting out numbers where buying us. At such high prices. I was bougght for 14 dollars. I was bought by a man named Kyler Ganber. He beat me, and made me work so much.

I got to go, he's coming.

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