The Mask
The Mask hiding stories

rosesandraine twitter: rosesandraine
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I'm a zombie in my own way. A zombie that hides who they truly are.

The Mask

I sluggishly pull myself out of bed.

I walk to my bathroom mirror and stare at my reflection.

Unfamiliar eyes stare back at me.

Eyes without the usual light that shines in them.

I'm suddenly finished getting ready, totally unaware that I had even started in the first place.

I walk out to my car.

And I begin to drive to wherever I'm going.

Not even paying attention, just trying to make it through the day I'm about to face.

The people I'm about to see.

And the lies I'm about to tell.

Before I exit my car, I flip my mirror down.

I shake myself out of the visually unrecognizable self and into the masked version of me.

The version that is happy and carefree.

Not the version who looks like a zombie.

And not the version who has unrecognizable eyes.

The one, who has the bright lively blue eyes, and the smile that flows through her.

​I will become a zombie later, but for right now, I wear my mask.

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