My story Chapter 2
My story Chapter 2 life story stories

rosemichaels Community member
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Chapter 2 of my story if you have not read chapter 1 do that before reading chapter 2.

My story Chapter 2

I got up from the couch to find something in the fridge. I opened the door and all there was in there was grown up drinks.

Of course there's nothing in there I thought there never really was and if there was it was hot dogs or other junk foods.

They always hid the sweet under their bed or in their dresser so us kids couldn't get any. Soon after I sat back down out came a groggy sister.

I couldn't wait for this afternoon Debra was coming to take us and ang out with her and Jake. I got my dog Princess and went outside.

I walked down my driveway to my grandparents house hopefully they had food. I got to the door and knocked I heard my grandma say coming.

When she got to the door and saw it was me she picked me up and brought me inside.

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