Chapter 5
Chapter 5 feelings stories

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Turns out john was lying about my big brother being dead. But my brothers alive!!!

Chapter 5

"John is that you?" The strange guy asked. "Who else would it be you have no other visitors other than me" John replied. " That's not true I have the nurses too," said the guy.

"Well anyway I' m not alone today," said, John. " I noticed," said the guy. " Hi, I' m Makenzie Evan," I said. The guy gasped as if he recognized me from somewhere. " What?" I said.

"I think I know you," he said. "I don't think you do," I said " I was taken from my home my family not to long ago and was brought here" I added.

" No I think I do know you," he said trying to get up. John gently pushed him back down. " What's your name?" I asked. " My name is Caleb Evans Your brother," he said. I gasped crying.

He started crying with me. He reached up and pulled me down into a hug. We were both crying. I looked up at John he looked happy but awkward at the same time.

"Thank you, John," I said through tears.

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