Red Bike.
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rosemarie522 what a plot twist you were.
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father says never be late. After the box played its song thrice.

Red Bike.

All around the mulberry bush...


the monkey chased the weasel


The monkey thought t'was all in fun


pop! goes the weasel

I was late. Father said to be home by the time the box had played its song thrice.

Yet I hadn't made it out of the woods to the gates yet. As I get closer to the gate I start to feel ill. I only needed to pedal a little longer then I would arrive.

Perhaps I wouldn't get in trouble and lunch would be waiting for me on the porch... Suddenly my front wheel hits a rock and I am flung forward.

Looking down my hands were scraped and my head was pounding. As the small of woods in front of me blurs with the iron gates in front of my home everything fades out.

I wake up to a nighted sky.

"Every night, when I go out"

I get up and stumble towards the house

"The weasel's on the table"

Father must be angry with me now.

"Take a stick and knock it off"

I finally arrive home

"P O P !"

There on the porch lies my red bike....

"Goes... the.... weasel..."

And my father covered in blood.

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