Our First Encounter
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rosemarie522 what a plot twist you were.
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A little bit from a story about the first time my crush talked to me in high school :)

Our First Encounter

I was stuck in that spot. I looked around. I saw students walking past, rushing to class. I saw a few teachers chatting about the latest vape case. I saw my locker across from me.

Then I saw him. It was too late. I couldn't move. Never in my life had someoone given me more anxiety in my entire life.

"Come on, we're going to be late" my friend said for the last attempt to get to class.

2 seconds. I had two seconds to change my life. To befriend the person in which I had liked for so long. But I couldn't. I closed my eyes and let him go by.

-1 second. I opened my eyes and he was gone. I sighed and continued to class, my life on the same track as it would always be.

Yet from behind me I heard,

"Hey Shyanne".

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