About Me :) Q and A answers
About Me :) Q and A answers  aboutme stories

rosemarie522 what a plot twist you were.
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Thank You guys from the bottom of my heart for all the love you give me it means so so so so much

About Me :) Q and A answers

@u53rn4m3 asks How are you? -I am okay just living life, How are you?? When did you join commaful? -I joined commaful a week ago from today actually :) Do you have a favourite book? -I love Sarah Dessen's books , as well as Girl Against the Universe How has your day been? -It´s been pretty rough, you? :)

And who and/or what do you relate to most? -Awe cute question, I feel like I relate to a lot of hopeless romantics and I have that whole "nerdy teen that will never find love" type thing going lol and anyone that doesn´t feel good enough, not specifically for like a relationship just in general

@ak909 asks What do you like most about commaful? -I love reading! I also love being able to give feedback to other people's writing and getting to write my own work and kind of see what other people think about it :)

2: What is your opnion on the corona virus? Um... I mean my family is super well prepared so I am currently okay, um not having school sucks but it must be done. Knowing a lot of people are sick and dying is very stressful and I have not gone anywhere in two weeks but I try to stay positive

3: Sea pickle or starfish ummm starfish are cute :)

@Summerbaby asks Why did you start creating on Commaful? -Actually my friend recommended it because I love to read and write... and yeah lol What is your fav genre of poetry? -My favorite genre is probably love and scary poetry and'or dark fiction

What's your fav animal? - I love llamas :) And what's your fav color :)? -To no surprise black ! ha ha

@dearpoetri aks if you can make yourself a fictional character, what characteristics would you want to have? -If I could make myself a fictional character I would probably have similar character traits, but be super outgoing and brave so a vampire would fall in love with me haha

@in asks Any books you've read lately you'd like to recommend? -I love Sarah Dessen as I said, I also read a lot of wattpad so if you dm me I can send you a list : What's your favourite music to listen to/ musical artist? -I like a lot of different things, I'd say I have more of an alternative emo type vibe but I also like indie styled music a lot too :) I really like from Falling in Reverse to Alec Benjamin

@heart_broken aks What is your writing inspiration? -Ha ha I get most of my inspiration from life events and liking the same guy foreverrr lol sounds stupid but yeah What account is your favourite to read? -I love reading everyone´s lol, I am in loveee with @caffeinated @ebugler34 and a bunch of others. Literally everyone I follow :)

Best memory from this site? -Umm.. the first night I went to bed with like four likes and woke up with over ninety and I was so so excited You are so talented!!!- haha thanks you too

What is your favourite genre of music and film? -Music alternative , pop rock , my favourite type of film is romance and horror I enjoy those two the most What's your favourite fantasy? -I am not sure what this question is asking but I've always wanted to have a cute library boy love story lol i am a nerd

Why do you write? -I write to express my feelings. I suck at talking and I am a singer irl and I do musicals and plays and stuff so for me everything revolves around words. I think it is amazing how random letters put together can affect someone :)

What is your favourite thing to write? -My favourite thing to write is actually pieces that are kind of sad just because I find them relatable and I like for people to feel they aren't alone :))


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