My library mind.
My library mind. hour stories
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rosec2 Community member
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Imagine your mind is a library. This is for the prompt of the day it's not very good but I tried.

My library mind.

Sadly my mind is like a library. I know your thinking that might be a good thing but it's not.

I rember every single bad memory, like when I fell down the stairs at school and someone started laughing at me.

And because my libray is full of to many books I can never find what I am looking for or it takes hours. I rember every single annoying commercial and mean comments.

Be thankfull you don't have a memory like mine. I am not very smart because of all the not needed information and I almost always feel like I am in some movie I am wathching in my head.

My teachers don't like me because it always seems like I am doesing off but really i am just trying to find out how to do the math problem on the bord.

This story was inspired by Out of my Mind by Sharon M. Draper.

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