Hotel of nightmares
Hotel of nightmares  scary-clown stories
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Group of teens enter an old hotel

By: Roseanne Ferraro

Hotel of nightmares

by Roseanne Ferraro

I have never liked clowns ... thought Alice

Why are we going ?! Jay !! Tell me...

Jesus Alice it's only a bit of fun ! Let's meet up with the others.

Jay and Alice walked down to there local hangout to meet up with friends. Cold frosty night with a bonfire just warming your finger tips.

All wrapped with scarfs and woolly hats on there heads, everyone is happy.

Hey guys !!!

Jay walked over and asked if they where all set to go ?

Alice turned to Lucy and said should we run ! I really don't want to go to the abdomen hotel it's creepy not after all them story's from years ago.

Alice we will be fine I promise let's just go for a laugh and besides the story's are fake there was no proof of the murders or any clowns, it was just freaky coincidence that's all.

They all grouped together and walked a couple of miles out of town. There it stood alone with large iron gates the smell of wet and rotted leaves. Jay please I don't like this it's a bad idea.

Calm down nothing is going to happen.

The teens entered the building Smells musty and old burning fire. Pictures, papers ,chairs ripped and shredded across the floors. Beds turned upside down bathrooms smashed.

Jay come here look ..... in front of Jay was a Large blood red door . DO NOT ENTER ! Should we go in ? Says Sean.

Hell yeah ! Says jay come on guys where going through here ! they all huddled up to the door. DAMN !! The door won't open. Jay looked up and seen something shiny in the corner of his eye...

oooooh yeah !! Look what I have. Jay placed the key into the door click click open.

They Entered this part of the hotel was different it was clean nothing smashed or ransacked all in good order.

Each room filled with odd things a room just filled with teddies and room that was dark endless list like something out your dreams a room for each Alice whispered quietly or maybe from

your nightmares.

Each of the teens walked into the rooms like something was pulling them in. Alice still walking down the corridor. AAAH ......

fits of laughter Alice stops I her tracks she can hear her friends screaming Alice take a look over her shoulder blood splattered on glass panel door . Alice froze did not make a sound.

The screams stopped the cackling had gone quite the corridor was losing light there was just enough light for Alice to see her hands she covered her face cried quietly into her hands.

Ice chill went down her spine talons squeezing into her her shoulder a taunting voice from behind


Look at me

Alice !!!

Look at me

Her hands ripped from her face

A face so twisted make up like skin talon marks across the face can just see bone with a big red nose Alice shouted you !!! This is not real . This is just a dream

Ah ah ahh noo

My dear this is real, but yes I visit you while you sleep

Your in my world now . I not going to kill you but I will let you beg for you to die as you will endure never ending toucher.

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