Little Girls
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rose_ariola I, like every other writer, am Trying
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a poem I wrote in eighth grade

Little Girls

Always wanting to be the best

ever since we were born

No matter how near impossible

No matter how self-destructing

Because of our society’s standards that hold men on a pedestal

and women seen more like dogs:

loved better when quiet

and expected to follow blindly

and obediently

Except the standards women are held to are more unattainable

They’re meant to grow up to be


and to dominate,

yet be “pure”

and “delicate”,

caring mothers who put their children first,

while also being passionate and pursuing their own interests

with having the same faces and bodies

as photoshopped models in Vogue

I can’t stand to see the sight of it

Little girls seeing each other as competitors

and wanting to be treated like boys,

because society

strings along girls’ insecurities

and plays with them like puppeteers

because girls are marionettes

performing a show, where they’re manipulated to fight

in society’s specially made battling stage

and hand given

more ammunition

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