Dreams of You
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i. kindness / ii. deception / iii. liberation

Dreams of You

I. In my kinder dreams of you

You are the one being haunted by me

In these dreams, you are the person I used to think you were

Kind but in some harsh way and unfortunately always making mistakes

Instead of the you I had to realize

You, who set fires because you liked to watch things burn

You, who didn't care about what could be lost in your destruction

The last time you made me cry turned your heart back from stone

The last time you made me cry, you are scared

I disappear

You can only see me out the corners of your eyes

You lie awake at night because you're sure you can hear me

You're careful now, you don't shove or yell or laugh or speak

For fear of adding another ghost

You pray for forgiveness for all of your sins so you can have back your peace of mind

I never give it to you

II. In my most deceiving dreams of you

I feel sorry for you

In these dreams, I am the same person you left

More cracked glass than human

Less wildfire than flickering fluorescent lights

Caved in ribs from trying to hold myself up

My need to feel something, anything,

You make me angry, I don't let go

You leave

I blame myself

Blame myself for being overly sensitive

Blame myself for being so hard to be around and deal with

Blame myself giving you a reason to leave

Blame myself for always being the reason why everyone leaves

I wonder what I did wrong this time

If there is no shortage of things wrong with me

If you felt more pain with me than I did when you were around

If you also couldn't try walking around me without thinking where to place your feet for fear of crashing through the floorboards

Your life goes on

I never speak again

III. In my most liberating dreams of you

Almost every trace of you is burned away

You are as relevant to me as a stranger in a crowd

You don't say a word

I don't recognize your face

I forget all about you

I never look back

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