my personal music recommendations
my personal music recommendations palaye royale stories

rose27 whatever happens happens
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i can't sleep. it's like 230 am. also, eek. there are a lot of bands i wanted to put in here but since i didnt wanna make it too long i didnt.

my personal music recommendations

hi there.

so uh here are my personal music recommendations.

twenty one pilots Songs you should listen to: -"Bandito" -"Chlorine" -"Lane Boy" -"Ride" -"Before You Start Your Day" -"Ode To Sleep" -"Car Radio" -"Ruby" -"Cancer" (mcr cover) -"Addict With A Pen"

my chemical romance SYSLT: -"The Ghost Of You" -"Demolition Lovers" -"Teenagers" -"Desolation Row" -"Emily" -"Na Na Na" -"SING" -"Party Poison" -"Planetary (GO!)"

fall out boy SYSLT: -"Centuries" -"Headfirst Slide Into Cooperstown On A Bad Bet" -"Immortals" -"Save Rock And Roll" -"American Beauty/American Psycho" -"The Shipped Gold Standard" -"What A Catch, Donnie" -"West Coast Smoker"

panic! at the disco SYSLT: -"Dancing's Not A Crime" -"I Write Sins Not Tragedies" -"Dying In LA" -"LA Devotee" -"Sarah Smiles" -"Calendar" -"Let's Kill Tonight" -"Old Fashioned" -"Death Of A Bachelor" -"Nicotine"

palaye royale SYSLT: -"Ma Cherie" -"Mr. Doctor Man" -"Teenage Heartbreak Queen" -"Rag Doll" -"Too Many People" -"White" -"Dying In A Hot Tub" -"You'll Be Fine" -"Warhol" -"Death Dance"

kailee morgue SYSLT: -"Fuck You" -"Siren" -"Medusa" -"Discovery" -"Do You Feel This Way" -"Unfortunate Soul" -"June" -"Go To Sleep" -"Ghost Of Mine" -"Signs"

banks SYSLT: -"Gemini Feed" -"Waiting Game" -"Alibi" -"Goddess" -"Change" -"Brain" -"Mind Games" -"Lovesick" -"Judas" -"Haunt"

set it off SYSLT: -"Lonely Dance" -"Why Worry" -"Duality" -"Partners In Crime" -"Midnight Thoughts" -"Bad Guy" -"Wolf In Sheep's Clothing" -"Dancing With The Devil" -"Tomorrow" -"Kill The Lights"

chase atlantic SYSLT: -"Lust" -"Swim" -"Okay" -"Like A Rockstar" -"Devilish" -"Into It" -"Falling" -"Cassie" -"Meddle About" -"Greengreengreen"

and finally...

i don't know how but they found me SYSLT: -"Modern Day Cain" -"Nobody Likes The Opening Band" -"Choke" -"Do It All The Time" -"Absinthe" -"Bleed Magic" -"Social Climb"

eek okay i feel like i'm gonna vomit so uh bye bye

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