"You don't HAVE to do anything" - Day 10

"You don't HAVE to do anything" - Day 10 snakes stories

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About Truth, lies, Good and Evil
The only thing you should care about in life

"You don't HAVE to do anything" - Day 10

I have talked about truth and lies a lot in my last pieces, but I have never explained what I meant

Let's do that in this piece

A lie is ANYTHING that you interact with, which makes you "come apart"

A lie is that which corrupts your capacity to become an individual

A lie is that which appoints blame to one side and excuses the other

A lie is the conscious and unconscious avoidance of things you should know

A lie is a denial of responsibility

A lie is when you do something that you know to be wrong, regardless of what everyone else thinks or does.

A lie is what keeps you up at night.

A lie is the reason you can not trust yourself, much less love yourself.

A lie is a choice which weakens your character and makes you vulnerable

Your character is the ONLY thing which can NOT be taken from you.

You can lose the money, the family, the friends, your health and even all your precious insights & knowledge

You can lose your freedom, your voice, everyone's respect and appreciation.

And you'll only be left with your character.

99% of everything that matters is your character

Your character is the son of God.

Your character is the one, and only thing which this universe​ cares about

The only thing that is being tested, rewarded, recognized, punished, tortured elevated and eternalized is

Y o u r C h a r a c t e r

Truth is anything which supports the health of your character.

Truth is what starves the doubt inside of you

Truth is what allows you to deeply care about others, and yet, not let their opinion direct your life

Truth is what opens up to those who demonstrate that they understand the value of character

Character is the ability and the willingness to nurture love and interest for every aspect of life.

Character is what says: "How can I get better?" and not: "How do I get more likes?"

Character is what says: "What a gift it is to be able to help another person!" and not: "How come no one helps me?"

Your character is the battlefield between GOOD and EVIL

In every single one of us a battle rages at all times.

Not knowing about it is an automatic win for EVIL

I created a fun and interesting way to express your truth, build your character and help others, all at the same time.

If this sounds interesting to you, check out the video in the comments

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