"You don't HAVE to do anything" - Day 09

"You don't HAVE to do anything" - Day 09 room stories

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About acting on what is "Right"
What is a lie?

"You don't HAVE to do anything" - Day 09

A few hours ago I read a critique by Sergio on one of the pieces where I talk about the "lies" we tell at commaful

I agreed 100% with the comment which was extremely well written.

The stories I write are more "poems" than anything else.

They are meant to made to poke you in certain places

Commaful is not the best medium to explain what you mean by each word

Regardless of that, the comment remains extremely valuable.

I'd like to share with you a short story about something that happened to me at work about three days ago

I work as a freelance Waiter/ Barman / Barista / anything in the city of Berlin

I was called to help out at a wedding with 140 guests at a location where I had been to previously.

They know me there, they like how I work and I do my things correctly and with optimism always.

However, the boss from the locale is not the best example of a what human being can be

When you work in the Gastronomy for as long as I have, you tend to have to bottle up a lot of things

When you always work at a new place as a waiter, people will either treat you well, or not.

Since you are not coming back there every day, you are not likely to have a conversation about the way you are being treated.

After all, maybe they are just having a bad day, maybe it's something you are doing, who knows?

But the point is that you can very easily let pride and resentment build inside of you

Many people will turn a blind eye to those feeling inside of them and to me that would be considered a lie

A lie is not JUST when we say something we KNOW isn't true.

A lie is also when we willingly make ourselves ignorant to things we should KNOW about.

A CEO in a company can be held accountable for not knowing things that he should have known

What happened at this event was that I worked myself to exhaustion (happily)

Everyone was happy with my work and all that, but...

Instead of drinking just water and the occasional coffee, I also grabbed three small Colas while I worked

It's not forbidden, the boss would not care about it all and there are a ​million ways in which you can justify it

But at the end of the day, we all know what is "right" and we know what is "wrong"

Every time we choose to not do "right" we are lying to ourselves and we weaken our character

Because I pay very close attention to how my words actions and thoughts might make me stronger or weaker

And because I am always aiming at things that make me feel strong, whenever I "miss the shot" I REALLY feel it

You might say this is not a big deal, but let me tell you a small way in which it will affect you.

At the end of the event I did a 99% perfect job but I fucked up that 1%.

Now the person in charge or the boss (who are tired and stressed out) might have some strange attitude with me at the end...

And because I know I fucked up that 1%, I now have to wonder if I feel bad because of something or because they are just being themselves

And let me tell you the really bad news about lying

You can't not trust yourself

Have you ever loved someone who betrayed you and now you can not trust them?

Maybe the reason you are in so much pain is because you know you can not trust yourself...

Understanding the importance of "right" and "wrong" is not just a nice thing to have.

Tell the truth

If you had to explain the moral of the story to a 7 year old, how would you do it?

Leave it in the comments

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